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Introduction of American Moon Smart

International Education Foundation

American Moon Smart International Education Foundation [AMS] is a world-renowned non-profit educational foundation invested and managed by Minnesota Higher Education Administration in St. Paul, Minnesota. Currently, AMS brings together top level educational experts, scholars and officials from both China and the U.S., to work for the same goal of strengthening international education theory and case study, promoting educational exchanges and cooperation, developing curriculum and conducting educational reform. Up to the end of 2012, AMS has provided diversified services to over 70 universities, research institutions and thousands of international scholars and students. As a leader in the field of international education, AMS will, as always, pursue the philosophy of 鈥淪erving China with Global Wisdom鈥.
In China, AMS never stops its efforts to promote the internationalization of fundamental and higher education. We have initiated several educational projects, all of which proved to be highly creative and integrated after the localization adjustments from their original achievements in Minnesota. The most typical projects are the AICP for fundamental education and the ACCP for higher education. Every year, over 800 outstanding Chinese students, coming from as north as Hohhot of Inner Mongolia to as south as Huizhou City of Guangdong Province benefit greatly from these two projects, In addition, both projects have significantly improved the teaching concepts, teaching methods and knowledge structure of local teachers.
Another AMS鈥檚 great contribution in China was its engagements in Foreign Experts Recruitment Program. Working closely with local governments of China, AMS actively participated in the recruitments of high end foreign experts. We introduced more and more foreigner scientific and educational experts to devote to researches or teaching in China.We also introduced talents and academic team from oversea to work in domestic institutions and high-tech enterprises. What we did in China greatly increased the numbers of foreign experts and helped the local governments improve their education internationalization and enhance the technological innovation.
In addition, AMS also takes advantage of our high-quality educational and technological resources in foreign countries by regularly organizing key personals from government and institutions, colleges and schools to receive training in the United States. We provided a platform to build and expand horizons, inspire creative thinking and introduce advanced methodology, we also offered following up services after the training to ensure that the learned knowledge was applied in effective and productive way.
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