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Dr. Rik Ruiter
Dr. Rik Ruiter is an eclectic and effective therapist, motivator, theologian, educator, and visionary. He founded Global Excellence International in 2003 and eagerly anticipates expanding therapy and psychology training. His latest endeavour is providing English education and training both on line and face to face in China and globally, in particular IELTS, academic English, ESL ,ESP,SAT, Teacher Training and acent reducetion. . For the last 5 years he was an IELTS examiner in Beijing.

Headmaster Qiao Shouwei
Former Headmaster of Inner Mongolia Hohhot Second Middle School
Headmaster Qiao is a famous English educational expert enjoying the State Council special allowance in China, a special-grade English teacher, a teaching expert of the Autonomous Region, a deputy to the 10th National People鈥檚 Congress, a deputy to the 11th People鈥檚 Congress of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, an outstanding educator of the national education system and a woman pace-setter of the said Region.
Headmaster Qiao is a distinguished educator and under her leadership, the Hohhot Second Middle School has maintained first place in the Region throughout years and has been elected one of China鈥檚 top 10 middle schools over the past 5 years. Headmaster Qiao has cultivated numerous top examinees in China鈥檚 college entrance examination and prestigious school students in the past 12 years, creating many education miracles.

Headmaster Shi Xin
Haimen Middle School Principal of Jiangsu Province
Mr. Shi is a renowned special-grade math teacher and an excellent teaching administrator. Under his leadership, Haimen Middle School has been, over the years, ranking in the top 5 in the entire region of Jiangsu province, continuously creating one education miracle after another.

Professor Yang Wu
Former Director of the Teaching and Research Department of the Ministry of Education of Nantong City, Deputy Director of Children and Youth Center of Shanghai International Studies University.
Professor Yang Wu is a famous basic educational research expert in China. The high-level of China鈥檚 Ministry of Education have put forward, for many times, that 鈥渢he hope of China鈥檚 education lies in Jiangsu Province, and that of Jiangsu鈥檚 education rests with Nantong鈥. Mr. Yang has been the leader of education and scientific researches in Nantong City over the last dozen years. Since the English teaching team of Rudong County rank at the bottom of Nantong City, leading to poor English scores in the national college entrance examination (CEE) for years. However, after several-year hard work the average CEE English scores of the county have ranked 1st, 2nd,and 4th place (4th for one year only) in the entire province since 1996. Professor Yang has won 鈥淭he Advanced Individual Award for Teaching and Research System of Jiangsu Province by the Jiangsu ovincial Education Commission.

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