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In recent years, there has been a steady growth in the number of Chinese students seeking overseas education. And its year-after-year growth rate exceeds that of the GDP. In 2008, the growth rate reached a record high of 19.63%. According to the global education data released by the United Nations, China has become the country with the largest number of students studying abroad.

According to analysis of market data, we鈥檝e found that the huge number of international students has demanded an industry chain with diverse services. And the market for preparatory education before people go abroad has become a market segment with the most rapid growth in the industry chain. Currently, the preparatory education market occupies 16% of the whole market.

At the same time, according to case studies, we鈥檝e found that early Chinese students studying abroad have met many academic problems due to differences in academic habits and self-management ability. To get used to education modes of foreign schools, more and more students tend to finish the preparatory education courses in China. In addition, domestic preparatory education has been enriched and more and more domestic colleges for preparatory education and preparatory centers of institutions providing service for going abroad have offered new channels for students who hope to receive overseas higher education. They have adopted original foreign teaching modes and rational assessment system, recruited foreign teacher for all courses and offered multiple channels for students to study abroad. All these have effectively promoted the level of universities that enroll Chinese students and helped the students realize admission into better universities.

Introduction to ACCP

American College Credit Program (ACCP) is a derivative education and scientific research program of SGA Subject for International Students made by the U.S. Department of Education. Since 2006, American Moon Smart International Education Foundation has collaborated with top U.S. education institutions including University of Minnesota, Stevens Institute of Technology and Solomon Christian School, etc. in researching systems of middle school courses in China and the United States. Finally, they launched the meaningful ACCP for preparatory courses.

Features of ACCP

  • Researched and developed by top U.S. scientific research institution; the only international preparatory education program for credit transformation
  • Integrated with preparatory courses required by U.S. universities; helpful for solving all academic problems
  • Emphasizing the training ability in applying English for academic work, practicing and making innovations
  • Improving students鈥 ability in international academic research and their comprehensive qualities
  • Greatly reducing time for studying abroad and 18% of expenses for studying in the United States
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