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2009 is a crucial year of inheriting the past and ushering in the future in reform and development of our country. Ranging from the country to the counties and cities, the governments at all levels strive to construct competitive advantages. The main problem is improving the Party鈥檚 Administrative Ability. In the process of exerting ourselves to build a harmonious society, promoting the full development of human beings and society, the concept reform, organizational reform and behavior modification of government is essential, and without any doubt, the training program is the indispensable way to achieve this purpose.

AMS International Education Foundation relies on the resources superiority of numerous oversea membership universities, combines thinking essence of experts from various fields together, bases on improving contemplative faculties, leading capacity, decision-making power, and execution capacity and learning ability of leading cadre under the new situation. Based on the reintegration, the training project offers theory-based analysis and emphasizes solutions to practical problems.

  • Advanced Training Project of Public Management

The government training courses system of this project, not only contains the management concept, method and skills, but also involves the main problems of current government cadre, especially the issues facing the city leaders at all levels during their work. The project conveys completeness, reasonableness and conventions, and provides fresh blood for the government training courses system.

Advanced Training Project in Public Administration

  • The module of Administrative Ability construction
  • The module of leadership promotion and development
  • The module of learning-oriented government and learning capacity
  • The module of economic development and regional competiveness promotion

Through the study of these module courses, the trainees would get the scientific governing concept and have a clear thinking about some problems such as how to establish and perfect scientific and reasonable system, as well as how to enhance the governing power of the Party on the whole. For some traditional courses, such as public management, organizational behavior science, giving more prominence to the analysis of the latest academic trends and views at present other than presenting basic theory.

The trainees鈥 response is that: the study of these courses broadens our horizons, widens our thought and truly improves the guiding ability during working.

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